Sarah Altinbasak, Psy.D

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Suffering is a big part of what it means to be human, but no one should have to hold the weight of suffering alone. Therefore, I view the therapy relationship as the most important part of the healing process. I provide an authentic, warm, and compassionate space for you to discover yourself and share the weight of your struggles. Alongside you, I can help guide you in your journey towards growth.

Originally from New York, I grew up surrounded by people from all walks of life. These early experiences sparked my passion for understanding others as I began to question why we go through life doing the things that we do. I went on to earn my Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Adler University in Chicago, Illinois. Over the past six years, in continued pursuit of this passion, I have focused my clinical experiences on working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and struggles in order to better understand the human condition.


Treatment Approach and Client Focus

I believe that change happens when we are willing and ready to face ourselves. I approach therapy from an insight-oriented model that draws from Psychoanalytic and Existential theories. This means that I believe that our early life experiences shape the way we think, feel, behave, and attempt to make sense of life, whether we mean it to or not. In exploring our past and those things that are outside of our awareness in the moment, we gain insight into who we are today. Through this process of self-discovery, we come closer to healing the deep wounds which have made our suffering unbearable.

I am a generalist which means that I treat most age groups and mental health concerns, including: relationship distress, depression, anxiety, adjustment/transition difficulties, existential and life meaning concerns, trauma, grief/loss, personality disorders, and psychosis amongst others. I provide individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, and family therapy services.


“The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on the Agency Detection System”


Sessions are by appointment only and available in the Anderson and Hillsboro offices. I accept Anthem and private pay. Session fees or copays can be paid via check, cash, or credit card.

Sarah sees clients in the Anderson and Hillsboro offices.

Note: To verify licensing credentials discussed above, please visit the Ohio Board of Psychology at Ohio Psychologist license number: P.08105.

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