Andy Woodall, PsyD

Change is possible, and I can help. Having earned my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I have dedicated years of research and clinical training to understanding the human condition and alleviating suffering. I graduated from Adler University in Chicago, where I have gained experience treating a vast range of clinical issues in a variety of settings, including inpatient units, multiple forensic and community mental health centers, and in group private practice over the course of 7 years. I have also served as Adjunct Professor at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, where I provided lectures in the assessment of cognitive and intellectual functioning at the graduate level. After completing my training, I decided to return to my home state of Ohio where I originally developed a passion for the outdoors. I consider it an incredibly meaningful opportunity to be able to provide a service to the communities that have played such a large role in my own development.

Approach and Client Focus

I view psychotherapy as a process rather than an attempt to “fix” the person. As such, I strive to create a non-judgmental, compassionate, and responsive therapeutic environment that promotes exploration, reflection, and insight. Through creating an atmosphere that balances safety and challenge, I encourage people to face and overcome their distress, as opposed to adopting coping strategies that often maintain the avoidance of unpleasant experiences (which ultimately serves to perpetuate the “stuck” feelings that patients so often report). Through this process of discovery, life becomes more satisfying when you gain more influence over how you experience yourself, others, and the world.

I approach therapy from a Psychodynamic model, and I also draw on concepts from Attachment theory and Jungian psychology to inform my treatment approach. This means that I believe that our earliest experiences in childhood shape our current behaviors, beliefs, and relational patterns, some of which might have grown to be maladaptive. These factors emerge as symptoms, which recreates unnecessary distress, conflict, and suffering over the course of our lives. In addition, I believe that there are factors outside of a person’s awareness (unconscious thoughts, feelings, fears, desires, and fantasies) that influence our behaviors and consequentially our overall quality of life.

I specialize in the provision of psychotherapy with adults and couples in the treatment of life transitions, acute stress, unwanted social-inhibition, anxiety, depression, relational distress, anger management, past or current trauma, addictions, matters of spirituality, personality issues, and more.

I also provide Play Therapy to children ages 6 and up. Play Therapy is particularly useful for children who are not yet capable of verbally expressing the complexity of their inner-most experiences. Play therapy is a useful treatment approach for a variety of disruptive behaviors, self-esteem, and mood dysregulation issues. Play therapy is accompanied with routine parent feedback sessions to promote insight and guidance into their child’s behavior.

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“Therapists’ Mentalization Capacity and its Relationship to the Therapeutic Alliance: The Real Relationship and the Working Alliance”


Sessions are by appointment only and available in the Anderson Office on Monday and in the Hillsboro Office Tuesday-Friday. I accept private pay. Session Fees or copays can be paid via check, cash, or credit card. I believe the fit between therapist and patient is essential.

Note: To verify licensing credentials discussed above, please visit the Ohio Board of Psychology at Ohio Psychologist license number: P.08029

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